12985 Annalise

As per agreement:

-Transfer information from the demo to the Full software+ related bug fixing as identified and discussed: $150

–Show “extras” based on the number of rental days:
The company has an offer that if the client pays the “waiver fee” they pay less deposit (e.g From €350 deposit to €150 deposit if a car or €100 if a motorbike). There is a waiver fee for rentals which are 1 day and another fee for those which are +2days. What we want to do – is show this extra based on the number or days + adjust the deposit fee.

*All the developer´s work to create this option will cost $225. Also, the deposit can be a mandatory extra based on the number of days.
– Pre-authorize the deposit amount with Paypal

> *We can create a selectbox where users can switch between sale and authorisation. cost $40

Total: $415