4962 Arend Muntinga/ Calendar Update + Website Project. Final payment

As per offers sent via email on 09/25/2018 and 10/03/2018

1- Description of branches to be shown on the website. In addition to this request: Will it be possible to have the clients fill in “their own branch”

Price: $75

2-The word FROM: The word “from” per car in “Our cars”

Price: $38

 3-When, in the calendar, clicking on the picture of the car, jump to the details page of that car on a separate page.

The cost for this will be $38

3.1-  Option to color the blocks in the calendar. Preferable from the back end.

You will be able to define statuses and their colors in the backend and in the booking editation selection from defined statuses. Some statuses can be set automatics.
To do this customization will cost $450

4- Is there a way that also in the backend dates can’t be booked (or that at least a huge warning comes up) when already a booking is in place?

We can make a time validation in the backend. To do that will be $150

The total for the whole project will be $751, but if you decide to make all the feasibilities, we can give you a discount of $151. This will make the total amount to $600

5- For the calendar, our days run from 08:00 until 24:00, by which the space of the day should be divided into 16 columns (or even better in 32) or when setting the day on 100% the line for every half hour should take up 3.125%. Eventually, the line for every hour should take up 6.25%.”

Normally, this type of work would go for $600, but I talked to Pavel and since you have a bunch of other work lined up and we guess this is much more than you would expect, we can bring it down to $400 if you decide to go with the other stuff as well.

Total to be paid=$1000

This is 50% final payment for  $500