4990 Tim/ Web Site Project . Final Payment

As per offers sent via email on Oct. 3 and Oct 23.

1- Agreement. We consider that the best option for you, will be a new plugin for rental agreements, where you can choose a booking, fill missing data for agreement and the plugin will generate a complete PDF. To replicate your required format of the contract would be super difficult (think like $1200), so to decrease the price of the feasibility, we suggest to simplify the contract. It will have the same information but most of the fields will look the same. This will allow us to copy the formatting rather than create a new one every time. This can be done for $315.

2 – Weekend price. We can add “weekend price” to pricing schemes, where you can add price and valid from day/hour and to/day hour. If anybody will book in this range then there will be checkbox as on their screen.
To get this done would be $300

3-Discount/promotion code: We will make a new plugin that creates the temporary Discount/promotion codes
To get this done would be $250

Total =$865

Paid= $433

Remain= $ 432

-Add to the fleed TP, CWD and SCWD price, cost = $38  (As per offers sent via email on Feb. 27 2019)

Total to be paid=$470