8011 Jaime Carvalho/ Calendar customization 50% Prepayment

As per agreement via email on Jul 15, 2019

Calendar Extension changes:

– To remove the image of the vehicles and keep the codes.

– The lines and columns should be as thin as possible. Like excel sheet.
–  When selected the date te calendar should appear in the front.
-To see the lines with different colors, to make it easier to read the x and y coordinates.
-There is an icon (I) in show more information. Here I would like it to be more complete with the address, driving license, Nif (tax number) or passport number etc.
-There are a big white space above the calendar where we can read information about version etc.
We can move this section to the bottom of the page – below the calendarWe can do all of this, but it will be as a custom design, this means that you won´t be able to update the calendar extension after we finish the project.
Cost $150

50%  prepayment $75

Total to be paid=$150