Custom Inputs Plugin

Ecalypse Custom Inputs Plugin

This solution uses the following proprietary technologies:

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It also supports these state of the art features:

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And is based on these technologies


..and a bunch of others, but we don’t want to confuse you. The point is it works.


What does it do?

Lets you create additional fields in the booking form. You can also choose what format those fields will be- text field, checkbox, radio buttons and if it is a mandatory field. All this information will then be stored with your booking.

What does it need to run?

It needs the Ecalypse Car Rental Plugin.

Are updates included?

You get free updates for a year. We update very regularly so you’re always on top of latest technology. You can see the history of our updates on this page.

Is it supported?

Yes, you get support to make sure your website runs. Our support is available during business days.

Where can I turn to for help?

Shoot an email to We’ll get back to you during the business week.

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