Ecalypse Car Rental Plugin & Original Theme

Rental Plugin and Theme for WordPress

To get access to backend demo, please go through this page.

If you would like to get a plugin that works without our theme, go here

The theme included in this download is this one:

This solution uses the following proprietary technologies:

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It also support these state of the art features:

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And is based on these technologies


..and a bunch of others, but we don’t want to confuse you. The point is it works.


What is it?

This car rental plugin and theme lets you turn your WordPress website into a full fledged car rental website within 90 seconds. Here is a video of how you can do it:


What does it do ?

Lets you set up prices, accept bookings, translate, add unlimited currencies without the need for additional plugins and and much more. Try our demo to see all the features.

It also works as a motorbike, bike, RV, jet ski or any other type of rental.

What does it need to run?

It needs a functioning WordPress website. We keep it compatible with the latest release.

Are updates included?

You get free updates for a year. We update very regularly so you’re always on top of latest technology. You can see the history of our updates on this page.

Is it supported?

Yes, you get support to make sure your website runs. Our support is available during business days.

Are any payment solutions included in the basic package?

The basic package includes Paypal. If you need another payment gateway, you can buy one of our many already integrated solutions such as Stripe, Payeezy, eWay and many others or request a new gateway to be integrated. We integrate new gateways exclusively based on client demand all the time.

Can I customize it?

You can use regular WordPress interface to integrate. We suggest you try our demo to see how everything works. If you are more advanced, you can also dig into code. You can also get in touch with our support for a quote on customizations at

Does the theme support child themes?

Yes, you can create child themes as per the WordPress standard.

Where can I turn to for help?

Shoot an email to We’ll get back to you during the business week.

Can I use the plugin as a standalone solution with another theme?

You can use the plugin separately, however we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all the themes out there. Please contact us in advance to make sure the plugin will work with your theme.

What version of WordPress is supported?

WordPress 4.4+

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good morning , I need to buy a pluggin reservation rent a car for wordpress, and I need it in Spanish , you have the Spanish language

that the difference between regular or extended.

Thank you.

A greeting

Hi Alvaro,

thanks for reaching out. Do you need front end or back end to be Spanish? Backend- we haven’t translated the backed yet, but we can give you a discount if you work with us on a translation. For the front end, it is a similar story, but this relates the theme, not the plugin and it can easily be done in the settings. Feel free to reach out also at

Thanks, Pavel

In the basis this is a nice theme. It is the best looking one I found. However there are some basic issues that you have to give a good thought before you buy it.

– If you are going to offer extra’s (like GPS or a child seat) the price for it is shown without sales taxes (VAT). The tax is added in the final amount, but people could be surprised to see a larger extra charge than expected.
– The prices are shown like 45.99 in stead of 45,99. You cannot change this. If this is not a problem for you, buy the theme. Else, look for another
– Support. They are not very fast. if you experience issues that need a fast answer, you have bad luck. Because I am not a developer myself I found myself often in this situation. It cost me I think at least 3 weeks extra because of the waiting time.

You can testdrive the theme, but the real test is of course using it creating your website. Be aware of that.

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