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About Ecalypse™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re a dynamic software company that creates simple and beautiful software and web apps that allow rentals to easily run and manage their business online. We believe creating quality online presence and management doesn’t need to be time consuming and difficult.

We started as a rental company and frustrated by the lack of quality affordable tools, we decided to create a tool of our own. What started on three pages of paper is now the most robust, best supported and elaborate solution for (not only car!) rentals on WordPress.

It has always been our mission to not only build software, but to look at development from the customer’s perspective. We stick to three main principles: Innovation, Ease of use, Customer satisfaction.

If you use our software, you will always get the best set of features that are easily accessible and very intuitive. Our dedicated customer support will help you in case you find yourself at odds anyway.

Thank you for visiting our website today. I will be glad to hear whatever inputs you might have about our software.

Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Pavel, the chief at Ecalypse