Free Rental Plugin for WordPress

Free Rental Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is good for car rentals, bike rentals, boat rentals and anything else you can think of. It works without our theme. You can use it with any good WordPress theme and create booking pages using shortcodes.

This solution uses the following proprietary technologies:

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It also support these state of the art features:

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And is based on these technologies


..and a bunch of others.


What is installation support for 1 month?

You might run into problems when installing your plugin. You should not, but sometimes it happens due to reasons that we cannot predict. For this, we give you the option to pay for this and get your peace of mind.

Also, this option will let you communicate with our support about your installation and setup. Please note that this option does not include help with 3rd party theme implementation which is generally a more complicated manner. You can purchase that as a separate service.

What happens after 1 month?

You can keep using the software. If you need more support or want to feel safe in case something happens, you can purchase monthly support which includes automatic updates and general debugging checking on your site from our team.

What is any theme implementation?

You’ve seen those beautiful rental themes somewhere else and you would like our booking features to be compatible with the theme? We can map our features to that theme. That means booking box, search results, form styling and check out page. Please note that this includes mapping existing features in the plugin, not adding new features into the plugin.

What is it good for?

You can use this plugin to create a rental website based on WordPress. It is suitable for cars, bikes, motorbikes, boats and pretty much anything that you want to rent.

The key thing is that it supports one or multiple items per rental. If you are a car rental company, you will probably want your clients to only rent one car in one check out. If you are a bicycle rental, very often you will want your clients to rent multiple bikes at once as people usually rent bikes in groups. Both are supported.

Is it supported?

Since this is a free SW, it does not come with support out of the box. You can purchase additional support. We offer monthly plans that make sure that your site is constantly made secure and backed up and we also offer one-off services in case you need help with setting something up- e.g. making your plugin compatible with your theme, other plugins, etc. It’s best to contact us at and ask what we can do for you.

We do provide services
All services come back with money back guarantee 

On all one-off services

Can I trust you?

Well, it is up to you. We’ve been doing this since 2013. We are actually a software development company. You can see more about us at This software is used by companies in 60+ countries. Some of them have really good rental businesses and we help them make the most of it supporting their IT. Some of them are small shops who are just starting out and need something easy. Those guys just download and take care of the rest themselves really. The most important question is what you are trying to achieve with your business.

What does it need to run?

It needs the latest WordPress website.

Can the program be modified?

You can modify it yourself or you can ask us to modify it. Of course, once you modify it, you will need constant support from someone, because the general updates would erase your modifications. You can hire us or any other developer you trust to do this for you.

Is it possible to accept credit card payments with the plugin?

The basic package includes Paypal. If you need to accept credit cards, you can use a payment gateway. We have a lot of them to choose from wherever in the world you are from. You can see the payment gateways here. If you don’t find a gateway you like, contact us- we make new ones for clients all the time.

 Where can I turn to for help?

You can start by looking at our knowledge base here. If that does not help, you can shoot an email at We’ll get back to you during the business week.

Can I use the plugin as a standalone solution with another theme?

Yes. It might require a bit of tinkering, but do try. Here is something to start you off:

How to use plugin with other than Ecalypse theme

List of shortcodes