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Getting a WordPress plugin is the first part, but on top of that you need to get your hosting, domain, you have to install and set up everything. You want to get SSL certification to be more trustworthy to your clients and Google and you also want to set up regular back ups in case anything happens so that you can bring all your valuable data and your whole website back. Which you also have know how to do quickly.

This all is a lot of work. You can spend hours and hours doing it yourself or you could use your time more efficiently and leave all this to us. Then, all you do is take care of your inventory and bookings. Contact us at for more info and pricing.

What Start Start+ Compact Full size Premium
Setup consultation yes yes yes yes yes
Transfer from other system support paid paid yes annual yes annual yes annual
Support 2 business 1 business 1 business (24/7) 1 day
Real time availability yes yes yes yes yes
Mobile friendly design yes yes yes yes yes
Multi language 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Hosting yes yes yes yes yes
Backups None weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Online booking for clients yes yes yes yes yes
Bookings management yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited bookings yes yes yes yes yes
Commission free yes yes yes yes yes
Multiple locations yes yes yes yes yes
Fleet management yes yes yes yes yes
Pricing management yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited surcharges yes yes yes yes yes
Accept credit card payments yes yes yes yes
Broker sales integration yes yes yes
Transfer prices between locations yes yes yes
Business reports yes yes
Locations 1 1 unlimited unlimited inquire
Vehicles 10 50 50 100 inquire
Admin user access 1 2 5 10 inquire
Domain ecalypse own own own own
Auto upgrades yes yes yes yes yes
Price inquire


Online marketing management

You’ve finally set up your website and now is the time to start getting bookings. There are over 180 million active websites out there, so it pretty hard to get noticed. Without proper marketing, your website will be like having a rental shop in the middle of Sahara- no one will come.

Online marketing is a fast moving field, so unless you are a professional, it is very difficult to be successful. Heck, it is even difficult to someone trustworthy to hire. We know, we’ve been there. The reason you are reading this is because what we’ve done works.

We are on the first page of Google for relevant keywords and now we’re getting clients literally from all over the world. So, we decided It is time we share some love and pass it on to our clients. Contact us at if you want to get your website more traffic and more business.



Do you like our software, but your business is just a little bit too specific to fit in a boxed product? In such case, you need to contact us to get your changes done. Whether you need to change your booking form or add or remove some features, we’ve done it all. In the years we’ve been on the market we have finished over 70 customization projects ranging from small time changes to complete booking system and website redesign.


Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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