Ecalypse Rental Plugin 2K! New Instagram Update and more…

Instagram tips by Mary:

The research of this week shows that using power likes is a good method to reach more accounts and get awareness to the page, increasing the engagement in the account, and potentially getting more followers. This youtuber used power likes and in 2 hours got 35k in reach, 21 follows and 252 profile visits. Interesting stuff!


Our own managed Instagram got 200 new organic followers this a week and by the time this release gets out, we’ve reached 4k followers.


Operational update aka what we’re working on:

We continue our expansion in South America gathering contacts at this point. Currently focusing on Argentina. This is a learning process. Not yet sure exactly what we will do with the contacts, but our database currently contains over 600 real contacts from 4 countries.


We’ve started on a new logo for our WordPress business as we seek to separate our WordPress side of business from our dev side of the business to make our offering more understandable for our clients.


This week we reach a milestone of 2K downloads of our car rental plugin!


Client Tip of the Week by María

Can admin see who reserved the item, who has it when it is checked out, when it is returned, etc.?

Yes, you can see this information in the back end. Please go to “Ecalypse Rental” in the menu to your left, and click on “Booking”.You will be able to see all the booking info like Pickup date and time, Pickup location, Return date and time, Booking status, Drivers details.

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