How to add reservation inputs and our Social Media and Operational Updates

Social Media Update

The research of this week shows that people who report receiving good social media customer service will spend 21% more money on that company’s products. Over 72% of all platform users have admitted buying something that they saw on Instagram. 80% of users on Instagram follow at least one company.

Operational Update

Just came back from Christmas break. Before Christmas, we delivered a new website for a new client, a major Australian car rental company at with connection to TSD.

Update version of the calendar plugin to be delivered this week.

Client Tip of the Week

Is there any way I can add and remove reservation inputs?

-> You can do it using our Ecalypse Custom Inputs Plugin (note: license bought separately). It lets you create additional fields in the booking form. You can also choose what format those fields will be- text field, checkbox, radio buttons and if it is a mandatory field. All this information will then be stored with your booking.