Car Rental Original WordPress Theme New Designs

Thanks for stopping by!

Currently, we’re putting together some design changes for our theme. It’s tough to find good ideas to work with and since this done for you, our community, we thought it would be best to get direct feedback from you.

Presenting some new design ideas, here are the two main questions:

1. What do you think about the designs presented below? You can see the original design at work here.

2. What 1 other IT tool would help your business move forward? 

a/ Landing pages for your online bookings
b/ affiliate system
c/ reporting dashboard (utilization, average booking value, duration, ROI calculator, etc.)
d/ Something else

You can send your reply directly to Maria our key client communication person by May-4th 2018.

We will take the feedback and share it back with you on May-9 here and in our Newsletter.

Theme Design 1: Transparency

Key changes:

Topline menu minimized, language and currency selectors improved, added transparency to the booking box, changed icons design below the slider

Ecalypse Rental WordPress Theme: Transparency


Theme Design 2: Anchored Box

Key changes:

Topline menu minimized and centered, as well as the position of language selectors, booking box moved to center and changed the layout, changed icons design below the slider

Ecalypse Rental WordPress Theme: Centralized


Theme Design 3: Minimalism

Key changes:

Topline menu minimized and moved inside slider, minimalistic design added to all menu and booking box elements.

Ecalypse Rental WordPress Theme: Minimalism

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