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Ecalypse is introducing a new system of plans for the software provided. There are several reasons for that, specifically:

Quality of service

Our main aim has always been high quality service. Our business model has not been adjusted to that. First of all we will introduce a better defined quality standards (read on below) and with changed pricing plans, our business will reach new level of stability that will ensure two main factors that are very important to us and we believe to our clients as well:

  • Better quality service
  • Long term cooperation (i.e. we will not go out of business)


Simple calculation: our plugins cost in the range of 10-100 USD. With the costs of developers these days, this secures about 2 hours work time. This does not even take into consideration the overheads of the business, such as project management, internal development of new features, searching new people, doing customer services, buying equipment etc.. We have been giving priority to helping clients within the scope of our support at no cost. This has bitten into the economy of our business and we had to make the choice – keep the quality or the price. We have always chosen the quality and will continue to do so.

Continuity of business

Our goal is long term development. To support our team, but also, and this is important to support our clients. There is high inherent cost in switching suppliers. We need to focus on clients that want to cooperate long term and understand that this is the best way to go.

General philosophy

We will keep offering free software as we see this as a contribution to the community. There are a lot of starting businesses and developers that will take advantage of our software. Over 100.000USD has been invested in the business and now, companies like Harley Davidson, Thrifty, U-save and many other smaller companies use our software. We believe in the power of community and this is our way of giving back. We give away the fruits of our work that has been actually paid by the community and us. Everything else needs to be subject to market payments. It will go back to the community so in the end, everyone will benefit.


  • Purchased one-off licenses for plugins

These licences will continue to be sold. They will be sold as Code license and will come with updates for a year, not support. This means clients can purchase code that they can work with. They can modify and use it on a single website. If a client wants to receive support, they will have to

  1. Get on the monthly plan
  2. Pay market price for support

Individual cases are explained later

Monthly plans

Plan 1: Free

Price: Free

Included in the free plan

  • Full version Ecalypse rental plugin license
  • Monthly new version release manually via Ecalypse download page

Process notes:

  • When a new version is available, the plugin should say “A new version is available” automatically

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Plan 2: Basic functionality support

Summary: Regular automatic updates and direct email support

Price: $20/mo + VAT

Services included in the plan

Automatic updates of Ecalypse rental plugin

Updates are distributed via automatic update system implemented in Ecalypse rental plugin. Updates are distributed in monthly intervals as they are released.

Email support with 3 business day SLA

Ecalypse will respond to email request within 3 business days. Business days calendar is directed by the calendar of public holiday in Czech republic. Support will react to problems, release update to its software if necessary and release this update to clients on monthly basis.

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Plan 3: Full support

Summary: Faster support directly on website, guaranteed functionality & easier business management with more task automation, free software included

Price: 99/mo + VAT

Services included in the plan:

Compatibility guarantee

Ecalypse will continually review compatibility of all SW installed on your website. If there is a malfunction on the website caused by Ecalypse software, Ecalypse will rectify this issue in scope of this plan. In case of conflicts of other SW, Ecalypse can provide a solution to rectify this issue outside of the scope of this support as a paid service

The scope of the compatibility guarantee does no involve issues that cannot be fixed via programming of components installed inside the WordPress environment, i.e. e.g. Server issues on the side of the provider.

Access to website

Ecalypse will maintain client website access details at all times to have the fastest possible access to the website at the fastest rate possible.

All access information will be kept safe according to industry best practice.

More Features

Clients on this plan will receive FREE access to the following Ecalypse SW licences and updates as long as Client maintains payment (total value of min. $255).

  • Branch delivery plugin – manage delivery and pick up fees for different branches
  • Payments plugin – allows you to manage payments through a third party payments services provider
  • A free choice of payment gateway already in the Ecalypse catalogue. Others at extra charge
  • Ecalypse Themes – a visual presentation of your rental business with guaranteed compatibility
  • Aggregate pricing plugin – edit and assign multiple pricing schemes at once with ease.
  • Custom inputs plugin – easily edit the data you collect from clients on your booking form without going into code

Live fixes on website

Clients on this plan are eligible for live fixes of bugs and diagnostics on their website. All eligible bug fixes will be delivered directly to client’s website.

1 business day SLA

Clients on this plan receive one business day email support reply.

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Other Premium Services Not Covered by Monthly Plans

  • Custom programming (project based)
  • New functionality implementations in the program (project based)
  • IT consultation (what to do if…)

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