How to Quickly Re-download Packages and Invoices

A lot of you have been asking us via email about the latest version of our software. Whether there has been an update to our rental plugin or theme and how you can find out about it.

To make this whole process a lot easier and faster, we recently introduced a client area on our website where you can see and manage all the most important aspects of your purchase

  • view your API key – this is important for your automatic updates
  • see the list of licenses that you purchased
  • re-download the software for which your license is still active
  • download your purchase receipt / invoice

To login, navigate through our menu to Client login or go to and use your purchase email

Please note that in case you purchased prior to June-1 2017, it might happen, that you will see no products in you dashboard. In such case, shoot us an email at from your purchase email and tell us your date of purchase and we will enable the client area for you.

Happy renting!

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