Better services and product savings

Summary (what’s in the text):

  • New bundle offers with up to 56% savings starting May-1st 2017
  • New, better services packages coming in May 2017
  • Launching 24/7 Client area access to all clients starting May-1st 2017
  • Connection to new Global distribution system coming May 2017

Booking system is a business critical system for rentals that should bring in thousands in revenue or more for small and medium sized rentals, plus savings in operational and personnel expenses by simplifying business operations.

Ecalypse has been on the market for over 2 years now. We have had great success with our SW and sold it to more than 60 countries worldwide. As we grow, we see many customers having two key problems with our offering.

  1. As our product catalogue grows, clients find it difficult to navigate our catalogue of products
  2. As our clients grow, they require better services, especially more accessible client service

We started this business with the ideal to provide stellar quality product. Something that is the best on the market. Something that is of great value to our clients. This remains our top priority.

For those reasons we looked into the two most common requests that we hear from our clients and designed new products and services that we are going to implement into our product range. There are two key changes.

First, we are going to introduce product bundles that will offer up to 56% savings compared to our current offering. You will still be able to buy all our product separately, but there will also be the option to purchase heavily discounted bundle deals with the highest ranking bundle including all our software with 56% discount (disclaimer: this is current at the time of writing, please refer to current offerings). These bundles will be available starting May 2017.

Second, and this is going to be more significant, during the month of May 2017, we are going to introduce support options for your websites that will make it possible for you to get better service deals to make your websites more stable compatible and generally functional. Some of the key services will include: real time fixes on your website, compatibility guarantee with all plugins and the theme installed on your website, all our software included in the price, quicker support and many more. We hope this will help you run your business more worry free more efficiently and in turn will save you tons of time.

Lastly, an important feature that we have been testing for several months now will be a Client area where you will be able to download all your software while your license lasts obtain your license key and also download your invoices.

As the business gets bigger and our software gets more complex, we hope this will help us drive more value to our customers, time saving and be the best return on investment for our clients on the market.

We are constantly working on improvements to make your business easier via automated tools and get you more bookings.

At this point, we are also finalizing an automated connection to Rencato which is a new generation Global Distribution System that will make it easier for you to connect with more resellers and affiliate partners.

Stay tuned for more information as we bring it to you. And as always, contact us for any questions here.

Have a great business,


Chief, Ecalypse


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