Importance of change

Life is change and movement. Stagnation is death. We’re alive and so we need to change. They say that business has to grow or it will die. For the longest time, I did not understand this. Perhaps, a business can remain stationary. But after all, it seems that growth is the only option. If you do not grow, someone else will come and outgrow you and will finally push you out. That is the “unfortunate” truth of capitalism. Well, it might be unfortunate for us, capitalists at first sight. On the other hand, it is what gives us and the people we work with jobs and opportunity. It also gives our clients the chance to get something better for a lower price.

We’re constantly learning. If something does not work, it needs to be changed. If it works, it needs to be doubled down on. Have you recently thought about such a thing in your business? What can you double down on and what will need changing?

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