New videos, forums and the Tip of the week

A lot of interesting stuff happening now at Ecalypse WordPress. We are working on making our plugin(s) easier to understand. What this means specifically. We’re working on more explainer videos on how to do things with and in the plugin.


The sense of community is very important to us and it is something that has been on our minds for a very long time. The most difficult- how to do it. We have finally decided to test working with forums. What it means-> we investigate the option to implement a forum on our page and see if this is something that will work for communication between us and the clients, BUT ALSO- very important, if it will work for communication between clients.


Being understandable is a big deal. Some of you are having trouble figuring out all the different services and products that we offer. In the making is a way to rebrand and streamline the offering to focus on that which is the most important and at the same time make it understandable to everyone. Step by step.

Tip of the week: Some of you are having problems with cars showing unavailable (“the car is not available” in search results). We’ve put together a solution article for that which you can find under this link.

Hope it helps. Feel free to let us know what you think.


Here’s some of the stuff we will be working on for you over the next two weeks:

  • figure out if we can/how to implement the forums, including a process that will work to communicate
  • figure out if we can rebrand / how to make our offer easier to navigate
  • more tips of the week
  • have fun!

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